Commercial Floor Cleaning

Business Floor Cleaning Services in South Greater Toronto That Offer More Than Just Aesthetic Cleanliness

A professionally cleaned and maintained floor is crucial to your business’s image and first impression. A flawless and shining floor instantly conveys that your business  committed to maintaining high  quality standards.

With over three decades of experience in caring for various floor types, including Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), Marble, Wood, and Terrazzo, our franchisees have attained unparalleled expertise in the cleaning industry. Collaborating with our network of independent business owners can significantly enhance the way customers view your business.

Business Floor Cleaning Services in South Greater Toronto

Effective Processes

Choosing a commercial floor maintenance plan with an Anago franchisee offers several advantages:

Our franchisees are experts in handling all flooring types, ensuring your floors are meticulously cared for and restored to their original luster.

Comprehensive Different type of Flooring Care

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Requiring regular cleaning and mopping, these floors also need periodic machine scrubbing and burnishing. Over time, they may require stripping and refinishing to regain their original appearance.

Grouted Floors

Using modern methods like machine scrubbing and acid washing, our franchisees rejuvenate grouted floors, reviving their shine and cleanliness.


Our specialized processes and commercial-grade products buff out marks and ensure the hardwood’s durability and gloss, delaying the need for sanding and refinishing.


Sensitive to cleaning agents, linoleum requires pH-neutral cleaners to maintain its factory-applied seal and finish.

Marble/Granite/Natural Stone

Daily cleaning is essential for these surfaces. For deeper stains, our franchisees provide polishing and restoration services, including diamond pad grinding and honing.


Popular in commercial settings, concrete needs regular mopping and deep cleaning. Initially honed post-installation, it may later require restoration to bring back its original look.

Anago franchisees keep your vinyl, composite, ceramic tile, marble, stone or concrete floors looking their best – request a free quote today or call (905) 565-4445 to learn more about their commercial floor care services in South Greater Toronto.

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