The Anago Difference

Anago Franchisees In South Greater Toronto – Trendsetters For The Commercial Cleaning Industry

The franchisees at Anago of South Greater Toronto specialize in meeting the highest standards in commercial cleaning based on comprehensive certification procedures, environmentally friendly hospital-grade disinfectants, cutting-edge tools and professional processes.

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Anago Franchisees In South Greater Toronto – Trendsetters For The Commercial Cleaning Industry

Anago Tailor-made Plans

Customized cleaning plans ensure the highest level of cleanliness possible so your employees always stay healthy and your guests get the best first impression. Our Anago franchisees use only advanced cleaning processes and techniques that ensure your facility receives the detailed attention it deserves. They’ll customize a cleaning schedule that fits both your needs and your budget. These plans combine experience, advanced technologies, and value, which are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Protection+ Plans include:

Go Platinum. Kill 99.9% of Germs

People Behind the Services

Our franchisees deploy meticulous techniques and procedures to noticeably enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace. Regardless of the size of the property or the complexity of the surfaces, our cleaning franchises are equipped to handle it.

Our Franchisees & Partners:

Value Delivered - Best Service At Right Price

Our franchisees are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives by delivering the value you merit. They offer exceptional commercial cleaning and disinfection services at competitive prices, showcasing that excellent quality can be achieved without a hefty price tag. Renowned for their reliability and trustworthiness, they consistently maintain superior standards in all their work

A Dependable Clean

Our franchise owners in South Greater Toronto consistently provide dependable results that businesses can rely on at all times. Their cleaning experts, intimately familiar with your property, concentrate diligently on details, and secure excellent outcomes that meet or exceed your standards. Moreover, with the Protection+ badge displayed on your front door or window offers assurance to customers and employees about the thorough disinfection and upkeep of your facility for their safety and well-being

Anago Protection+ Disinfection®

3 levels of disinfection services to provide the protection you need in your commercial space

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