Green Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions to Safeguard the Environment and Surfaces in South Greater Toronto

Our extensive green cleaning program is tailored to mitigate health and environmental risks associated with cleaning services in your South Greater Toronto facility. Leveraging data-driven cleaning approaches, our franchisees use systematic, scientifically-backed techniques that transcend superficial “greenwashing” and offer genuinely sustainable, responsible cleaning methods.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Our franchisees contribute to a healthier, more efficient workplace while minimizing environmental impact. They utilize environmentally friendly products and methods to lessen your ecological footprint, such as:

Harmful chemicals can deteriorate your property’s physical assets. By opting for safer alternatives, your office furniture, equipment, and floors retain their integrity longer, leading to cost savings. Green cleaning also offers your clients an additional reason to appreciate your business. Differentiate yourself while diminishing your company’s environmental footprint.

Member CaGBC & USGBC

We’,re part of the U S and Canada Green Building Councils, organizations committed to promoting sustainability. The USGBC & CaGBC councils influence how buildings and communities are designed, constructed, and operated. As a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, we’,re proud to contribute our expertise in green cleaning.

Ongoing Research and Product Evaluation

Anago continually explores global markets for innovative, natural products that minimize waste.Dedicated to research, weensure we stay at the forefront of the industry with our authentic green initiative.

Anago Franchisees use approved commercial-grade chemicals in their green cleaning processes. For details about these products, please consult the Franchisee directly.

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