Electrostatic Cleaning

Access Advanced Disinfection with Electrostatic Cleaning Services in South Greater Toronto

Electrostatic cleaning, a cutting-edge disinfection technology, is the fastest and most effective way to sanitize and disinfect  properties in South Greater Toronto. This innovative technology, central to the platinum tier of our Protection+ Disinfection® services, offers comprehensive and efficient disinfection in various settings like apartment buildings, retail stores, medical offices, and schools. Discover how electrostatic cleaning and our Protection+ Disinfection® services are crucial for businesses in South Greater Toronto.

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Electrostatic Cleaning Services in South Greater Toronto

Advantages of Electrostatic Cleaning:

Science behind the Technology

Electrostatic cleaning uses CEPA-registered disinfectants in a scientifically advanced method, eradicating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on all surfaces.

Here's how the process works:

This process is included in our Protection+ Disinfection® PLATINUM plan, ensuring an exceptional level of cleanliness for your facility. Learn how Protection+ Disinfection® can help maintain the safety and functionality of your business while safeguarding your staff and clients!

The Experts Behind the Service

Anago Cleaning Systems in South Greater Toronto is dedicated to offering exceptional service and quality to businesses in the area. With a commitment to excellence and competitive pricing, Anago franchise owners go beyond standard cleaning services. They receive comprehensive training for all services, including a detailed Electrostatic Spraying Guide and  certification  for electrostatic cleaning and disinfection services.

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