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Embrace Your Chance to Run a Commercial Cleaning Business! Take the Lead; Build a Business and Your Future.

Our franchisees are dedicated cleaning experts aiming to achieve financial independence for themselves and their families. They seek to realize their full earning potential through owning their own business, backed by the knowledge, established systems, and comprehensive support offered by the Anago Franchise network. By owning an Anago franchise, you also pave the way for others seeking to boost their income through part-time or full-time commercial cleaning. You’re not only fostering your business growth but also aiding others in your community to earn a living.

Exceptional Franchise Support

Joining the Anago franchise means you’re part of a team. You benefit from over 30 years of franchising experience and success.

Franchisee advantages include:

Financing Options

Anago Regional Offices provide financing programs to support the launch of your business. This covers the initial franchise fee and helps in acquiring more quality accounts.

Orientation Program

No prior experience is needed to start your Anago franchise! Our extensive orientation program equips you with the necessary skills and methods to clean client facilities efficiently, at no extra cost.

Guaranteed Initial Contracts

Starting your Anago Franchise comes with the assurance of initial contracts, so you don’t have to stress about immediately securing new cleaning clients.

Insurance Coverage

Regional offices can arrange the necessary insurance and bonding to protect your investment and your employees, ensuring your franchise remains secure. Insurance options may vary depending on the location

Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

Most essentials for starting your cleaning business are included in your franchise fee, with an optional package for equipment and supplies. With the regional office’s credit program, you can acquire equipment and chemicals without upfront payment.


The regional office manages billing and collections for your accounts, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business.

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    Sales and Marketing

    To help you promote your franchise effectively, your Anago regional office provides your franchise with initial business cards, brochures, branded apparel, and other marketing tools and materials to help your business grow.

    Your business and your future start here.

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    A Master Franchisee is a white-collar business executive. He or she provides sales, marketing, invoicing and collections functions for his or her Unit Franchisees, while mentoring and guiding them as they grow their individual businesses.

    A Unit Franchisee purchases a franchise from the Master Franchisee. He or she focuses on servicing commercial cleaning accounts, while relying on the Master Franchisee to handle the majority of the paperwork that comes along with operating a business.

    Cleaning Contracts are assigned to the Unit Franchisee by the Master Franchisee, who collects fees for the services provided to the Unit Franchise’s cleaning business, including sourcing those clients; handling invoicing and collections; and providing insurance.

    A Proven Framework for Upcoming Franchisees

    Anago Cleaning Systems operates on cleaning and franchise methodologies perfected by our seasoned professionals. These approaches have propelled our franchise to be recognized as the fifth fastest-growing franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. As a frontrunner in the cleaning service sector, we equip you with essential knowledge and resources to effectively manage your venture. Our services span a diverse array of commercial entities requiring cleaning, including medical facilities, educational institutions, car dealerships, churches, office complexes, restaurants, cinemas, and more.

    Advantages of Opting for a Unit Franchise

    If you’re content with your current job but aspire to establish a low-investment, home-based venture for additional income, our unit franchise is an ideal choice. Joining Anago as a franchisee allows you to run your own business in a recession-resistant industry, supported with all necessary resources and tools for success. Our various packages enable you to start with a single unit franchise and scale up as desired. We accommodate your lifestyle preferences, offering the flexibility to engage as a full-time or part-time franchisee.

    You Have Questions &
    We Have Answers!

    At Anago, we understand all of our Franchisees have different needs and come from different means, which is why we offer a variety of investment opportunities. Find the one that best fits your needs. Additionally, you have the choice to pay for your franchise in full or have it financed.

    Absolutely! As an Anago franchisee, your schedule is completely up to you. You can operate full-time or run your business with part-time hours. You decide what schedule works best for your lifestyle.

    At Anago, we have proven methods and strategies for obtaining more contracts, which we share with all our Franchisees. We can also work on your behalf to gain more business for you.

    Anago offers a comprehensive orientation program to ensure you have the knowledge and tools you need to run a successful business. This includes sales tools, suggested cleaning methods, operating manuals, and more.

    With an Anago Franchise, where you conduct your business is up to you, meaning you don’t need to rent an office or buy a truck. You can even operate straight from the comfort of your home!

    As a turnkey franchise, we have the strategies and resources to help you start a solid business. We take the guesswork out of owning your own franchise. We offer competitive rates and financing to help you start your new business.

    Anago Franchisees offer monthly, weekly, and daily commercial cleaning services and are renowned for their superior results. They also offer one-time cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, post-construction cleanup, and for event.

    Getting started is easy! Simply fill out our contact form and one of our franchise consultants will reach out to you!

    Own a Successful Business

    As an Anago Franchise Owner, you’re guaranteed a certain amount of client contracts so you can hit the ground running. While you focus on your clients, your Regional Office will focus on helping you grow. From training to mentorship – and of course help bringing in additional contracts – your relationship with your Regional Office will be built around your growth and success.