Commercial Stripping & Waxing Services In South Greater Toronto

Revitalize Your Flooring and Prolong Its Lifespan with Commercial Stripping and Waxing Services in South Greater Toronto

Keeping your floor in top condition can be a task, especially with constant foot traffic. For vinyl and VCT floors that need regular upkeep, your local franchise owner at Anago Cleaning Systems in South Greater Toronto provides top-notch commercial floor waxing and stripping services for facilities.

Sanitize, Safeguard

Anago Franchisees specialize in stripping and waxing services for floors that:

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Anago stands as your go-to company for commercial floor waxing and stripping, ready to transform worn floors into gleaming surfaces that draw in new customers and employees. Rely on our franchisees for a comprehensive evaluation of your flooring, followed by robust and efficient commercial cleaning techniques.

Choosing Anago Franchisees for detailed floor buffing and waxing grants you access to cost-effective solutions, regular commercial cleaning, and a skilled cleaning team focused on your specific requirements.

Proficient Commercial Floor Stripping

If the existing wax on your floors is showing its age, our franchisees are equipped to help enhance your floors by removing all the old wax and preparing them for new applications. They approach floor stripping with the utmost care, understanding that the wrong chemicals or a hasty process can permanently damage your floors. Anago franchisees meticulously assess your floors’ condition before executing their services, ensuring old wax is completely cleared, even from challenging areas like around doorways and baseboards.

Meticulous Commercial Floor Waxing

After thoroughly stripping your floors, Anago franchisees apply several layers of sealer-enriched wax to reinforce your space. They allocate adequate drying time to prevent damage from foot traffic. Once sealed, your floors will not only look spectacular but also enhance the ambiance of your commercial property.

Avoiding Floor Maintenance Issues with Stripping & Waxing

As experienced commercial floor waxing and stripping professionals, our franchisees have catered to diverse industries and understand the necessity for resilient, long-lasting treatments. With their extensive experience, Anago franchise owners are adept at sidestepping common pitfalls.

Franchisees avert stripping and waxing issues by:

You can trust your local Anago Franchisee for reliable commercial cleaning services in South Greater Toronto. For a free estimate or to begin, call (905) 565-4445 today.

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